Covers for outdoor footstools

Types of hocker covers

A hocker cover for your outdoor coffee table, garden coffee table, garden coffee table, lounge table, footstool, ottoman, footstool. Available in more than 15 sizes, variants, models and colors, both square and rectangular. The smallest model in this collection is 72 x 72 cm, the largest model is 140 x 80 cm.

Hocker covers for the following garden furniture brands

With this collection, you can cover about every lounge table of any known garden furniture brand, like; Applebee, 4SO, Soho, Castle Line, Mama Green, Borek, Manutti, can be protected from weather influences, like rain, wind and sun. The hocker covers we offer are from the following brands: Eurotrail and Raffles Covers .

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Raffles Covers

Hocker cover, 70 x 70 H: 45 cm

Raffles Covers

Footstool cover, 92 x 92 H: 45 cm

Raffles Covers

Cover for ottoman, 97 x 97 H: 45 cm

Ravenna, Classic Accessories

Footstool Cover, 53 x 53 H: 43 cm

Ravenna, Classic Accessories

Cover for square hocker, 66 x 66 H: 43 cm

Ravenna, Classic Accessories

Ottoman protection cover, 81 x 56 H: 43 cm

Ravenna, Classic Accessories

Cover for Coffee Table, 123 x 64 cm H: 46 cm

Ravenna, Classic Accessories

Cover for Fire Pit Table, 142 x 97 cm H: 56 cm

Raffles Covers

Hocker cover, 105 x 105 H: 45 cm