Covers for garden lounge chairs

Find the best cover for your lounge chair

Protect your beautiful lounge chair with a properly fitting furniture cover. Here you'll find the right cover for almost every type of lounge chair and garden chair. The smallest cover you'll find here is 75 x 75 cm. This case is for an adjustable rattan chair with a gas spring. Therefore, the back is quite high, about 115cm. The largest outdoor chair cover we have is 120 x 100 cm, height 75 cm. This cover is also used for a so-called "love-chair" cover or a bigger lounge chair.

We offer universal chair covers for:

Are you in possession of a garden chair of one of the major garden furniture brands among others like; 4SO, Manutti, Applebee, Borek, Soho, Castle Line or Mama Green? And do you want to protect them with a protection cover lounge chair, then we have a suitable cover for it!

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Raffles Covers

Lounge chair cover, 90 x 80 H: 75 cm

Unit price: €42,00 /  
Raffles Covers

Lounge chair cover, 95 x 95 H: 75 cm

Raffles Covers

Outdoor lounge chair cover, 100 x 90 H: 75 cm

Unit price: €42,00 /  
Raffles Covers

Cover for swing chair, Ø 100 & H: 200 cm

Ravenna, Classic Accessories

Garden chair cover, 83 x 65 H: 86 cm