Cover for garden sofas

A perfectly fitting protection cover for your rattan sofa

Protection cover for lounge sofas are available in various sizes and models. The smallest size is 130 cm, the largest is 360 cm.

A cube-shaped cover for your rattan sofa vs. a tailored sofa cover

We have 2 models of sofa covers. The most common model is for "cubic" lounge sofas. This is a cubic (straight) model cover, like a reversed shoe box. The other model, the tailored model, is higher at the back and lower at the front side. This slanted (shaped) model is for a more classic bench with a high back and slightly lower armrest.

Our a universal protection covers can be used with:

For almost all sofas of all major brands such as AppleBee, Hartman, 4SO, Borek, Design2Chill, Gloster, Kettler, Oasiq, Skagerak, Bernstein, Bellagio, Forza, FueraDentro, Life Outdoor Living, Manifesto, Intenso, Giardo, Haans, Manutti, Soho , Castle Line, Taste, 4 Seasons Outdoor, Garden Impressions, Van der Garde, Cane Line, FixForm, Rough, Suns, Bukatchi and BELT, we have a cover that fits.

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Raffles Covers

Cover for rattan sofa, 140 x 85, H: 75 cm

Raffles Covers

Cover for lounge sofa, 160 x 95, H: 75 cm

Raffles Covers

Garden sofa protection cover, 170 x 95 H: 75 cm

Raffles Covers

Garden lounge sofa cover, 190 x 100 H: 75 cm

Raffles Covers

2 - 3 Seater sofa cover, 200 x 100 H: 75 cm

Raffles Covers

Garden sofa cover, 210 x 100 H: 75 cm

Raffles Covers

Lounge sofa cover, 215 x 100 H: 85 / 65 cm

Raffles Covers

Lounge bench cover, 220 x 100 H: 75 cm

Raffles Covers

Outdoor lounge sofa cover, 250 x 100 H: 75 cm

Raffles Covers

Outdoor cover for lounge sofa, 260 x 100 H: 75 cm

Raffles Covers

Patio sofa cover, 270 x 100 H: 75 cm

Raffles Covers

Cover for lounge sofa, 280 x 100 H: 75 cm

Raffles Covers

Cover for patio sofa, 290 x 100 H: 75 cm

Raffles Covers

Outdoor sofa cover, 310 x 100 H: 75 cm

Raffles Covers

Lounge patio sofa, 320 x 100 H: 75 cm

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