Covers for straight parasols

At gardenfurniturecovershop you will find protection covers for all types of umbrellas. All types of sizes and models umbrellas, such as basic straight, beach, balcony, wood stick, aluminum, free-arm and  bigger parasols which are used in the hospitality industry.

Parasol covers for small and standard parasols:

For small umbrellas like beach parasols and balcony parasols, the RUS160 is recommended. For simple patio parasols, the RUS195 is the most suitable. For wooden parasols and aluminum parasols with a diameter of 275 cm, the RUS225 is usually recommended. A smaller cover is also possible, if you just want tot cover up the umbrella cloth. From diameter 300 cm to 330 cm, the RUS225 is usually chosen. For round parasols of 350 and 400 cm, we've selected the RUS245. The RUS245 is most likely not fit with any free-arm parasols.


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Raffles Covers

Garden parasol cover, H: 225 cm

Raffles Covers

Parasol cover, H: 245 cm

Raffles Covers

Cover for parasol, H: 265 cm

Raffles Covers

Large parasol cover, H: 280 cm

Raffles Covers

Parasol cover, H: 310 cm


Ravenna, Classic Accessories

Umbrella Cover, H: 185 cm

Ravenna, Classic Accessories

Ravenna Cover for Parasol, 250 cm, width 67 / 84 cm