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Garden furniture cover shop is a webshop of Raffles Furniture from the Netherlands. When it comes to outdoor furniture covers we are the largest, with over 600 different covers for different types of furniture, barbecues and other garden accessories. Tuinmeubel Hoes Shop is located in Capelle aan den IJssel, next to Rotterdam.

Raffles Furniture Raffles Furniture is also called the biggest secret of the area of Rotterdam. Regular customers are struggling to explain their friends where they should be, if they want to visit us. Raffles lies hidden behind an old wrought iron gate decorated with statues of a Balinese couple and a beautiful gray teak wood fence. In the middle of the urban area of the bigger cities like Rotterdam and The Hague, in an oasis of peace, totally isolated from the urban life and away from any traffic, you will find Raffles Furniture in a rural old barn.

Raffles tuinmeubelhoezen en meubels

In 1993 we started as a teak furniture specialist with our own production and import from Indonesia. Anno 2010 Raffles has become the Lifestyle store for In- & Outdoor Living and was enhanced in 2014 by our webshop for garden furniture covers , Tuinmeubelhoesshop.nl. Later joined by our webshops for Belgium and Germany.





Raffles Furniture


Kanaalweg 2a
2903 LS Capelle aan den IJssel
The Netherlands
+3110 – 450 80 17

[email protected]

[email protected]  


Raffles Furniture is located on the site behind Dijktank, Dijkgraaf Automaterialen, Jatech en Tavor.




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