About Gardenfurniturecovershop

Welcome to Gardenfurniturecovershop, where we have the largest collection of garden furniture covers in Europe. We celebrated our 10-year anniversary in 2021, our journey started in 2011. Emerging from Raffles Furniture, where the focus used to be on quality teak garden furniture, the focus is now on protecting this beautiful garden furniture.

Our start

As mentioned above, we used to sell beautiful furniture from Indonesia with Raffles Furniture. But we wanted to do more. Besides providing quality garden furniture, we wanted to go a step further. How do you ensure that this furniture lasts as long as possible. The answer; a quality, affordable protective cover.... That's why we started Gardenfurniturecovershop and our own cover brand Raffles Covers.

What we want to achieve with Gardenfurniturecovershop

With Gardenfurniturecovershop, we want to ensure that your furniture is well protected. Whether it's sunny, rainy or winter, we want to make sure your garden furniture is stored safely. Our goal is simple: we want to offer good, beautiful and strong protective covers that fit perfectly around your furniture.

Raffles Covers

With over 800 different models of protective covers, so there is always one that fits your furniture perfectly. At Raffles Covers, we believe in quality. Our protective covers are made with attention to detail and from materials that ensure your furniture is well protected. Whether it's rain, sun or something else, our covers are there to keep your furniture safe. We understand that quality has to be affordable. That's why we offer our protective covers at fair prices. At Raffles Covers, you not only get high-quality protection, but also value for money. 

And we don't stand still, we are constantly developing new protective covers. We listen to your needs and always try to develop new models that meet those needs. Our mission is to make sure you always have the best protection, adapted to the latest trends and developments.

The largest collection in Europe

We are proud of our large collection of garden furniture covers. We have many different styles, colours and sizes. Where we once started with Raffles Covers, we now have more than 10 different brands of protective covers in our range. These include Aerocover, Garden Impressions, Classic Accessories Ravenna, Madison, Eurotrail, Garland, Aquashield, etc. 

Why choose Gardenfurniturecovershop?

  1. Large range: We have covers for every type of outdoor furniture, from small to large.
  2. Expert advice: Our friendly team is ready to answer your questions and help you choose the right cover.
  3. A fitting cover for every piece of furniture: Our covers are specially designed to perfectly match the shape and style of your furniture.
  4. Personal approach: At Gardenfurniturecovershop, you are not a number. We are here to help you with tailor-made advice and a smile.


Choose convenience, expertise and a personal approach. Your outdoor furniture deserves the best protection, and we are here for you.

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