Store your garden cushions

In need of a protection cover for your garden cushions?

Here you will find the perfect protection cover for your garden cushions. A good protection cover for garden cushions ensures you will keep your cushions clean and tidy. The handles or hinges on a pillow bag provide easy handling and allow you to hang your pillows in, for example, your shed or garage. A pillow bag keeps a lot of moisture away your pillow. But please note that all the cushion bags are equipped with a zipper, and therefore not completely waterproof.

Always make sure your cushions are entirely dry before you store them in your pillow bag. And place the bag on a dry surface. It is very important that your pillows are completely dry again before closing the bag. If not, the moisture has nowhere to go and can cause mold.

​Choose a protection cover for garden cushions from the following brands:

Different sizes and models of protective covers for different sizes of pillows can be found on this page. In order of quality, from high to low, you can protect your garden cushions with a cover of any of the following brands: Aerocover, Eurotrail and Raffles Covers.


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Ravenna, Classic Accessories

Storage bag for garden cushions, 116 x 51 x 35 cm

Ravenna, Classic Accessories

Garden cushions storage bag, 152 x 66 x 51 cm