Protective covers for outdoor tables

Here we have the right cover for your garden table!

Also for a garden table or tabletop cover you are at the right address at gardenfurniturecovershop. For various rectangular tables, as well as round and picnic tables, we have a wide range of garden table covers.

Rectangular protection covers for garden table

Our range of rectangular covers for garden tables consists of more than 55 different models. Varying from our smallest table cover 80 x 80 cm to 360 cm tables. In addition, you can choose from a cover to protect only the table top, the so-called tabletop cover, or for the entire table te be covered including the legs.

Round table covers

For your round table you will find a suitable protection cover. Varying in size, quality and brand.

The height of the table cover may be slightly shorter than the actual dimensions of your table. This improves the air circulation on the inside of the cover, resulting in better ventilation and thus less humidity inside your cover.

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