What?  Does my garden furniture cover also need maintenance? Should I wash my garden furniture cover? Isn't it actually an essential part of maintaining my garden furniture and barbecue?

Yes and yes, the answer to that should be. At least, if you don't appreciate the camouflage look that most covers get after 2–3 winters. Because yes, anything the cover is exposed to rain, wind, and sun for a longer time will get such a green look due to algae and splashing water with sand and mud.

For those people who prefer their lounge set under a clean cover, we at Garden Furniture Cover Shop have collected the very best tips for you. This way, you will get your cover clean and fresh as soon as possible!

There are several ways to wash your garden furniture cover. We highly recommend two ways to clean your cover and strongly discourage one. That is using the washing machine. Although this seems to be an easy and quick way to quickly clean your garden furniture cover, we cannot guarantee that your cover will remain intact. Due to the temperature and high rpm your cover is exposed to in the washing machine, the PU, or PVC coating on the inside may come off, and your cover may lose its waterproofing.

Cleaning advice 1:

We recommend first washing your garden furniture protective cover with just a soft brush and mild soap. This is the best way in our opinion. The best approach is to wet your cover thoroughly and then rub it with soap. And then gently brush this off and rinse with the garden hose after.

Cleaning advice 2:

This advice is best for when you want to clean your dry cover in dry weather. You will need: a green deposit cleaner, and a plant sprayer. You then spray the green attack cleaner over a dry cover with the plant sprayer. The algae will then absorb the moisture with the green attack cleaner and die off. After a few rain showers, the green will then be gone.

Extra tip:

After both ways of washing your garden furniture cover, it never hurts to then spray your cover with a water-repellent spray. This will keep your cover waterproof for even longer and ensure that green deposits do not stick to the fabric of your cover as quickly. These sprays are available from Action, among others.


We hope you enjoy your clean garden furniture protective cover!

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