Are you looking for a parasol cover?

At you will find a well fitting cover for almost any parasol. For both straight umbrellas and free-arm parasols we have a wide range of suitable parasol covers. Within our wide range of parasol covers we sell covers from the following brands: Raffles Covers, Aerocover and Eurotrail.

I want to buy an umbrella cover, what should I consider?

  1. The quality, do you leave your parasol + parasol cover a often or not so often outside or in a damp barn?
  2. Handleability, especially with high umbrellas and daily use, it is a good idea to have an integrated stick in at least one of the seams of your cover. This makes it so much easier to put on and take of your parasol cover.
  3. The length, do you want to protect your parasol's fabric with your new cover or the pole and the base of your parasol as well?

Parasol covers for the following parasol brands:

Free-arm parasols:

Most suitable for a floating umbrella, free-arm umbrella is the protective umbrella of Raffles Covers RUS265 fits perfectly eg Siesta, Hacienda, from 4S, Ohio Soho, Hawaii Garden Impressions, Madison, Lake and Rodi Borek, Sombrano of Glatz, Mezzo and Dacapo of May, Montecarlo and St. Tropez of Zangenberg, Berlin, Vision and Paris of Hartman, Antigua and Kingston of Jardinico, Sonata, Kratos, Symo, Lantera, Fratello and Cielo Plus from Solero, Deltawing and Solarflex from Platinum.

Larger free-arm parasols:

For the larger models cantilever parasols or free-arm parasol of the brands May, Glatz, Zangenberg and Borek we recommend you to take the RUS280. Also for the Platinum Icon and Solero Palestro, the Raffles sleeve RUS280 is the best. For the professional hotel/restuarant umbrellas we offer the RUS310 and RUS385, this cover fits perfectly with the Karin of Garden Impressions, Syms MacSymo and Mayan Albatros and Basto, Meastro and Presto of Solero, 4SO, Borek, May, Glatz, Fim, Hartman, Madison.

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