Where do you store the cushions of a lounge set?

After a lovely day spent in the garden, it's always a hassle to store all those lounge cushions and garden cushions again. How do you store garden cushions? There are various ways to store them, and some are better than others. You need to consider both the summer and winter seasons and the quality of the cushions. In this blog, you'll learn about storing lounge and garden cushions, and we'll provide useful tips for this.

Should my garden cushions be brought inside during winter?

Winter is known for its harsh weather conditions: storms, rain, wind, and sometimes even snow and ice. Leaving your garden cushions and lounge cushions outside during this time can expose them to severe conditions, even if they are of high quality. Therefore, it's always advisable to store the cushions properly during winter. The best option is to store garden and lounge cushions in a dry place. However, this may not always be possible due to lack of space. Below, you'll learn about different ways to store your lounge and garden cushions during winter. So, can garden cushions stay outside in winter? No, our advice is to always store the cushions properly during winter.

Storing in a cushion bag

A good solution is to store garden cushions and lounge cushions in a cushion bag. At Gardenfurniturecovershop, you can find various cushion bags in different sizes. For example, the RSB1255035 is perfect for chair cushions, and the RSB1008080 is ideal for lounge set cushions. The sizes of the cushion bags range from very small (50 x 50 x 50 cm) to very large (200 x 90 x 40 cm). Despite the availability of very large cushion bags, it's better to use multiple small cushion bags if possible. Some lounge cushions are quite large, requiring a large cushion bag. However, the downside of a large cushion bag is that it can become very heavy when fully packed with lounge cushions. A large heavy bag is difficult to move and may not always fit in every space. For these reasons, it's better to purchase multiple small cushion bags when possible.

It's important to use the cushion bag properly. The material of the Raffles Covers cushion bags is the same as that of the garden furniture covers, making the bag splash-proof. It's best to use a cushion bag in a shed or garage. The cushions are then protected from severe weather conditions. The shed or garage is dry, and the bag protects against dust, dirt, and moisture. If you do want to use the bag outside, the advice is to use it upside down with the zip at the bottom and above the ground. However, it's still recommended to bring the cushions indoors during winter. Additionally, it's always good to place a reusable dehumidifier such as PingiXL between the cushions in the cushion bag. This dehumidifier prevents mould, moisture spots, and musty odours.

Storing in a cushion bag is a cheaper option. However, for the best protection for permanent cushion storage, a cushion box such as the one from Biohort is recommended.

Storing under the cover

The easiest solution is to simply leave the cushions on the furniture and use a garden furniture cover. However, there are a few things to consider when doing this.

It's advisable to store the cushions dry during the winter months. In the summer, it's easier to leave the cushions under the cover. However, this requires a high-quality cover. Summer conditions are generally better, and a good cover can withstand sudden rain or storms. Gardenfurniturecovershop offers covers from Raffles Covers that are easy to handle and of excellent quality. Secondly, this is the easiest solution. The next day, when you want to use the garden furniture again, you just need to remove the cover, and the furniture is ready to use with the cushions.

However, keep in mind that in addition to the quality of the cover, the quality of the cushions also plays a role. Lounge cushions and garden cushions from brands like Sunbrella are of very good quality. These cushions can withstand a lot and can remain under the cover for longer periods. If you have lounge cushions or garden cushions of lower quality, for example, those from a hardware store, it's better to store them indoors during rain and storms.

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