Product information "Pingi XL dehumidifier"

Product information "Pingi XL dehumidifier"

Pingi XL


Product number:

Pingi XL


Dehumidifier, reusable






450 grams rechargeable



Manufacturer information:

Put the Pingi bag in your cushion storage bag between the cushions and prevent mold, fight damp spots and musty odors. If the dehumidifier is saturated, it can be reactivated in the microwave.

Add. information:

PINGI reduces the relative humidity of the immediate environment. Musty odors, stale air and mold, that can arise as a result of high humidity, will not get a chance. Reactivate? When the humidifier is full, the unique Pingi indicator will turn from blue to pink. You can simply reuse the product by reactivating it in the microwave. 6 minutes at 600 watts and the absorbed moisture is withdrawn from the product. Then let the Pingi air for about 6 minutes next to the microwave. Then another 6 minutes in the microwave and the indicator is beautiful blue again. Advice: put the pingi on a clean container or bowl so that the moisture can drip out easily and the pingi is not lying in its own moisture. Regularly check that the Pingi is not saturated.

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