Product information "Weather cover for a garden sofa 205 x 100 H: 70 cm"

Product information "Weather cover for a garden sofa 205 x 100 H: 70 cm"

This cover is suitable for a rectangular cover for a lounge sofa or table of approximately 205 x 100 cm. The cover is anthracite and has a luxurious look.

This is an AeroCover cover that is made of RipStop polyester. Ripstop is a weaving technique that makes textiles stronger and more tear-resistant. This RipStop polyester from AeroCover is also breathable, water-repellent and UV-resistant. The material ensures that air circulation is promoted and will prevent mold and condensation. Please note, mold and condensation is always possible! Condensation is almost inevitable due to temperature differences. Ensure good ventilation and air circulation under the cover. You do this by not letting the cover rest flat on the lounge set, but by creating space between the lounge set and the cover. Furthermore, RipStop polyester is very light and thin. This makes the cover easy to use and will not take up much space when not in use. A storage bag is also supplied with the cover. The cover can be attached by means of the elastic drawstring at the bottom of the cover. This can be pulled tight and secured with the stopper. This is especially useful in windy weather. For extra security, you can always purchase the matching AeroCover sandbags. These make the cover heavier. This is especially useful in stormy weather.

With this cover you get a free Water Shedding Pole (RWSP). This is a pole that you can put under the cover. This creates the space between the cover and lounge set for better ventilation and air circulation. In addition, this post also ensures that the water runs off the cover and that no puddles of water remain on it.

AeroCover has a wide range of garden covers. If you would like to receive advice when purchasing your garden furniture cover, please contact us.

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