Product information "Anchor with eyebolt M8"

Product information "Anchor with eyebolt M8"

There are various mounting materials to attach your Nesling shade cloth to the wall or to a pole. At Garden Furniture Cover Shop, you will find all mounting materials for the shade cloths, whether it is sturdy anchor points or a hook or carabiner. We recommend using only original Nesling parts to hang your shade cloth. You can use Nesling's Anchor with eyebolt for stone or concrete surfaces. By screwing it into the wall, you have a solid point to which the shade fabric can be attached. Should you have another surface, for example wood or a tree, see the alternative mounting materials below:

N316-4 - Bolt for wooden post/wall

N316-5 - Chain 2 metres

N316-7 - Deck eye / eye plate 8 mm




What mounting material do I need?

The shade cloths can be attached in various ways: to the wall, to a wooden pole or to a Nesling pole. Each attachment requires different materials, see here for more information.




Use one of the accessories below to attach the shade fabric to the anchor points:

N316-1- Tension hook M10

N316-2- Carabiner 8×80 mm

N316-5 - Chain 2 metres

Product specifications "Anchor with eyebolt M8"

Product specifications "Anchor with eyebolt M8"

Article number:



Anchor with eyebolt M8






Nautical 316 stainless steel


Stainless steel

Manufacturer information:

This Nesling part is for hanging your Nesling shade cloth. Use only original Nesling fasteners.

Add. information:

Before mounting the shade sail, it is important to determine exactly where the sail should go. Then mount the sheets with an eye in the right place on the wall or on a pole. Using the carabiners and the tensioner, you can hang the fabric as tightly as possible, and it will be securely fastened. 

Our rating 1-10:



"Anchor with eyebolt M8" suitable for

"Anchor with eyebolt M8" suitable for

The N316-3 is suitable for all Nesling shade cloths. It does not matter what size these cloths are.

Anchor with eye bolt N316-3 is only suitable for stone and concrete.
If you have a different surface, you can try 1 of the anchor points below:
N316-4 - Bolt with eye for wood
N316-5 - Chain 2 metres (around a tree)
N316-7 - Deck eye / eye plate

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Anchor with eyebolt M8


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