Product information "Cover 130 x 100 H: 160 cm for 2-seater beach bench"

Product information "Cover 130 x 100 H: 160 cm for 2-seater beach bench"

This anthracite protective cover from SonnenPartner is available for immediate delivery. The protective cover 70090230 is suitable for the Sonnenpartner 2-seater wicker beach chair model Classic, Konsul or Präsident but also for the Sunnysmart Rustikal 2-seater. In addition, this cover fits over almost all other 2-seater wicker beach chairs of other brands. The 2-seater wicker beach chair is also often sold as a duo beach chair.

The material the cover is made of is 100% polyester. On the inside is a PVC coating.  In the hem at the bottom there is a drawstring to optimize the fit. There are two zippers on the side, making it very easy to remove the protective cover, but also to pull it quickly back over the wicker beach chair. These two long zippers also allow for easy ventilation. The polyester is water-repellent, the seams and zippers are splash-proof.

This cover is the ideal protection for summer months, this cover is not suitable for winter. The cover is made of 100% polyester and PVC coated on the inside. Remove the cover from time to time from the wicker beach chair to prevent condensation and mold. Strong and lightweight polyester. Easy to handle and takes up little space when not in use. Includes convenient storage bag. Tips from Sonnenpartner: Due to temperature differences, condensation is inevitable. Be sure to create sufficient ventilation so that the cover can breathe. Never leave cushions under the cover for long periods (weeks). Regularly remove the cover from your furniture to allow it to air out. Make sure your garden furniture / cushions are dry before covering them to prevent mildew.

This is a standard protective cover SonnenPartner offers for wicker beach chairs. For the difference between standard protective cover and quality protective cover, please refer to the description at the bottom of this page.

This wicker beach chair protection cover is also available in other sizes:

  • 70090230 2-seater 130 x 100 H:160 cm
  • 70090231 2-seater XL 155 x 105 H:160 cm



SonnenPartner product information related to protective covers

SonnenPartner beach chair protective covers are available in different designs to suit your needs. The standard protective covers white and anthracite are ideal for summer to protect your beach chairs from sunlight, rain, and dust. So these covers are really only suitable for the summer months. For the cold winter months, however, we also offer winter covers that provide optimal protection for your beach chair even in snow and frost. 

Our transparent and grey protective covers are specially designed for winter and offer reliable protection against cold, wetness, and dirt. However, we would like to point out that our green protective cover is of limited suitability for winter and does not offer the same protective effect as our protective covers specially designed for winter. However, this cover is very suitable for spring, summer and autumn or for regions with mild winter conditions.
We hope we have been able to help you choose the right protective cover for your beach chair, and would be happy to answer any further questions you may have.

Note for standard protective covers / white, green and anthracite protective covers

The standard beach chair protective cover is a product subject to wear and tear that is exposed to different weather conditions in different locations. Due to the extreme use, these protective covers have only a 6-month warranty.
For the above reasons, the standard protective cover has a lifespan of about 1 - 3 years.

 Note for quality protective covers / transparent and grey protective covers

The quality protective cover for beach chair is also a product subject to wear and tear, exposed to different climatic conditions in different locations. These covers are manufactured in Germany and come with a 24-month warranty.
For the above reasons, the quality protective cover has a lifespan of about 3 - 6 years.

Protective Cover Warranty Lifetime Use
Standard protective cover white 6 months 1-3 years Summer months
Standard protective cover anthracite 6 months 1-3 years Summer months
Standard protection cover green 6 months 1-3 years Spring, summer, autumn  
Quality protection cover transparent    24 months   3-6 years Entire year
Quality protection cover grey 24 months  3-6 years  Entire year


Care instructions regarding wicker beach chairs and protective covers.

  • Beach chairs are not waterproof
  • Use a protective cover in case of rain
  • To prevent mould on the fabric and wood, regularly ventilate the beach chair
  • Do not cover the beach chair when wet


Only put the protective cover over a dry beach chair. Temperature differences make condensation inevitable. Ensure good air circulation in the beach chair to prevent mould stains and mildew. Remove loose cushions and store them for the winter. Never leave cushions under the cover for long periods of time (weeks). Ventilate the beach chair fully on sunny days (both in summer and winter). Regular airing of the beach chair is essential so that condensation from the ground/environment does not settle as water under the protective cover.

Product specifications "Cover 130 x 100 H: 160 cm for 2-seater beach bench"

Product specifications "Cover 130 x 100 H: 160 cm for 2-seater beach bench"

Article number:









Cover for 2-seater wicker beach chair 


130 x 100 H: 160 cm

Slack needed:







6 months


Score 4 out of 5

Our rating 1-10:



Technical properties


130 gr / m2 polyester 



Storage bag:  




"Cover 130 x 100 H: 160 cm for 2-seater beach bench" suitable for

"Cover 130 x 100 H: 160 cm for 2-seater beach bench" suitable for

The protective cover 70090230 fits over a 130 cm wide, 100 cm deep and 160 cm high wicker beach chair.

Suitable for the following wicker beach chairs:

    • Sonnenpartner Classic
    • Sonnenpartner Classic-Teak
    • Sonnenpartner Konsul
    • Sonnenpartner Präsident
    • Sonnenpartner Präsedent-Teak
    • Sonnenpartner Präsident-Alu
    • Sunnysmart Rustikal 15 Z
    • Sunnysmart Rustikal 305 Z
    • Sunnysmart Rustikal 305 Z Bullauge
    • Sunnysmart Rustikal 34 Z
    • Sunnysmart Rustikal 285 Z SUN Edition
    • Sunnysmart Rustikal 50 Plus
    • Sunnysmart Rustikal 50 Basic
    • Sunnysmart Rustikal 250
    • Sunnysmart Rustikal 255 Plus
    • Sunnysmart Rustikal 250 Basic
    • Beach chair King 2-seater
    • Beach chair Juister-Modell 2-seater
    • Strandkorb Düne Bullauge 2-seater
    • Beach chair Seeblick 2-seater
    • Teak beach chairs Keitum Business 2-seater
    • 2 Seater Ostseestrandkorb
    • Wunsch-Strandkorb Heringsdorf 2-seater
    • Wunsch-Strandkorb Eggers Standard 2-seater
    • Beach couch Ammersee- Bene Living



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