Outdoor covers for rectangular furniture sets

Garden dining set cover is in any size!

For all the regular sizes of garden sets, you will find a suitable universal garden cover at Gardenfurniturecovershop. And also for the less common sizes you will find a well fitting garden cover for your garden dining set.

Benefits of garden furniture cover;

First of all, a garden set cover offers comfort. During the winter, you can protect your set from the winter weather. This prevents that you have to clean your set every spring, because it will be completely covered with algae. The materials of your garden set will be longer preserved with the use of garden set cover. Thus it will make you enjoy your outdoor furniture for a longer period of time. In addition, a garden cover also offers protection for your pillows, therefor you do not have to take your pillows to the barn or into your house every (summer) night. Depending on the quality of your pillows, you can even choose to leave it under a well-ventilated cover all year long. Though this hasn't got our highest recommendation.

Garden covers in all sizes

The garden set covers this shop offers are from AeroCover, EuroTrail and our best-selling brand Raffles Covers. Square, rectangular or round, for each set there is a protection cover to be found.

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Raffles Covers

Cover for outdoor garden set, 200 x 200 H: 95 cm

Raffles Covers

Patio dining set cover, 210 x 125 H: 80 cm