By following the following two steps, you will find a perfectly fitting parasol cover. 

Step 1: First, measure your parasol cover, this can be length and width or diameter. 

Step 2: Next, measure the width of your closed parasol. Make sure to take a few centimetres of slack in the width. 

Next, check the height of your parasol to arrive at the right cover.

A tip from us: it's better for a parasol cover to be slightly too spacious than on the tight side. This makes the cover easier to put on and take off. The fact that the fabric is not so tight around your furniture also reduces wear and tear on the cover. On the product page under the 'Suitable for' tab, you will find additional information and over which sizes of parasol cloth the covers fit.

Please note: 

We recommend taking into account a margin of a few centimetres.

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