Product information "L-shape sofa cover 300 x 240 x 100, H: 70 cm"

Product information "L-shape sofa cover 300 x 240 x 100, H: 70 cm"

L-shape sofa cover

The corner lounge set cover from Raffles Covers offers many advantages. Its main purpose is to protect your lounge set. It does this like no other thanks to the high-quality materials this cover is made of. The premier solution-dyed Oxford polyester is finished with a water-repellent PU layer on the inside. This keeps moisture and dirt at bay.

As moisture and dirt cannot get near your lounge set, it stays clean and ultimately lasts longer. On summer evenings, you can put this cover over the entire set of cushions, so you don't have to store all your cushions every evening. Pay attention to the quality of your cushions, though, cushions of inferior quality can get weather or mildew stains at the slightest hint of condensation. To avoid puddles on your cover, you will receive two RWSC16060 free of charge. These water shedding cushions, which can be inflated, can be placed under the cover. This lifts the cover slightly and creates a slope so that all the rainwater flows off.

Left or right?
The RHS300240right is for an asymmetric lounge sofa with one long and one short side. This variant is intended for a corner sofa that has the longest side on your right when you sit on the sofa. If the left side when you sit in the sofa is longer. Then choose the RHS300240left.

The RHS300240right cover offers many advantages, like all other Raffles Covers:

  • Strong and robust material
  • 230 gsm cloth
  • 600D Oxford Polyester
  • Equipped with air vents
  • Breathable Raffles Covers material
  • Reduces condensation
  • Increases air circulation
  • Prevents mould and mildew
  • Prevents rust and corrosion
  • Water-repellent
  • Raffles Cover material is waterproof
  • Double-stitched seams
  • Seams are taped with PVC tape
  • Seams are splash-proof
  • Handles for better handling
  • Large storage bag included
  • Drawstring with stopper for secure fastening and perfect fit
  • Fitted with Click-Close-strap to prevent blowing away
  • High colour-fastness thanks to Solution Dyed material
  • UV-resistant
  • Frost-resistant, winter-proof
  • Extends the lifespan of your corner sofa
  • Keeps your corner sofa clean and dry
  • Free 2x RWC16060, for better air circulation, against condensation and no puddles on your cover

Product specifications "L-shape sofa cover 300 x 240 x 100, H: 70 cm"

Product specifications "L-shape sofa cover 300 x 240 x 100, H: 70 cm"

Article number:





Raffles Covers




Cover for corner sofa


2 x water shedding pole RWSC16060


300 x 240 x 100 H: 70 cm


100 cm

Slack needed:

Yes, 5 cm in width or length




600D Solution Dyed Oxford polyester with PU coating


1 year


Score 5 out of 5

Our rating:



Technical properties





Solution Dyed:



230 gr / m2 polyester





Free RWSC:


Click-close strap(s):




Double stitched seams:


Tape finished seams:




Storage bag:


"L-shape sofa cover 300 x 240 x 100, H: 70 cm" suitable for

"L-shape sofa cover 300 x 240 x 100, H: 70 cm" suitable for

Please note, the RHS300240 runs small. 

Always carefully measure your corner sofa. With an asymmetrical corner sofa, there are two different sides. A long one and a short one. Always take 5 centimetres extra in the dimenions.
This cover will fit over L-shaped sofa's with the next dimensions:

  • 300 x 240 x 95 cm
  • 295 x 235 x 100 cm

There are two possible variations because of the two different sides.
Variation 1: The long side is on the left (RHS300240left).
Variation 2: The long side is on the right (RHS300240right)

To see which one is suitable for your asymmetrical corner sofa, sit in the corner of the sofa. If the long side is on your left hand, you should take the RHS300240left. Is the long side on your right hand? Then you should take the RHS300240right (this one).

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Lounge hoekbank hoes 300 x 240 x 100 H: 70 cm

L-shape sofa cover 300 x 240 x 100, H: 70 cm


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